By Brianna L. Bond

Influenced by the paintings of Whistler, Sam Dixon's work captures the essence of inspiration
and temperament. His art often focuses on shapes and abstraction through a gestural approach.
"The creative spirit, may it always be represented by the beauty of the mark," Dixon said.


This Sam Dixon is happiest with a good glass of wine and a clean canvas. Winner of countless
awards  most the 2009 Louis Award Winer for Excellence in greeting card design from the
Pictura, Inc-Dixon says he has always been “destined to be an artist.”


Sam Dixon grew up in an Air Force family, moving to two bases before he turned six. Being an
Air Force brat has served him well throughout his life, he believes. “Its easy for me to make
friends and fit in, “he says.


His family lived at Andrews Air Force base in Suitland, Maryland, before relocating to the home
of the Harlem Renaissance and the Met. His fascination with art got its start there.


“In New York especially, my parents made it a point to expose me and my sister to a lot. They
kept us busy. From my perception as a child, I thought was from a wealthy family.”


Dixon never made a conscious decision to be an artist; art seemed to him. Drawing at three
years old and painting on the walls during kindergarten, loving every art project.


After graduating from Suitland Senior High School, Dixon moved on to Prince George's County
College, where he honed his skills as an artist. He worked with Maryland artists Joe Mayer and
Michael Carr, taking every art class he could. Though his art education was rich, he wishes that
the university had offered a class on the business of art.


“Over the years, I've developed a healthy competitive drive. When it comes to galleries, if it
doesn't sell, they don't take you on.”


Main Street Gallery in Annapolis, Broadway Gallery in Fairfax, Canton Gallery in Baltimore
Gallery, Weatherburn Gallery in Naples, Florida and Bendann Gallery in Towson, Maryland, carry
Dixon's work year round.


Though he's a self-proclaimed impressionist, lately he's stepped outside the box for several projects.
“Art Uncorked,” Wolf Trap's fourth annual art auction and wine celebration, will feature seven of
Dixon's contemporary watercolor series of wine bottle. The series is Dixon's attempt to document
the moment.”


“When people look at my art I want it to speak to them. I try to stay away from all the political stuff.
Some of my colleagues may call me a sell-out, but I’m not interested in making a statement. I just
want my art to make you feel good.”